Science Name:
Sciaenops ocellatus

Other Names:
Red Drum, channel bass, bull red, rat red

Ideal Temp:
70 to 90

World Record:
94 lbs. 2 oz, NC

inshore, coastal

light tackle, surf fishing, fly tackle

Bait Strategies:
Fresh Dead Crab, Hook and Sinker Live Shrimp, Freeline Shiner/Greenback

Other Tips:

At the bay, there are white sand spots. Using a hogie with a neon tail, cast into the spots
over and over until you get a hit. You'll be sure to load up in a matter of minutes!

In the grassie marsh look for shallow water pockets that go up into the grass. Cast a
gold or silver spoon by the opening, if you see movement cast again in the same spot, it
is likely that will get a red fish.

With a #2 hook and a small mullet, hooked in the back and the tail cut off, Reds will
keep you busy all morning.